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Anonymous asked: any chance you would do a topless tueday?

noooooo lol

im bored with the internet…


My boyfriend broke my long board (aka my prized possession)…

he was trying to do a 300 or whatever, and you know what im not even mad, because he landed it, he just….landed really hard lol. 

He already bought me a new one and its been not even an entire day

He hung up my coat again :)

I’m so happy.

You know the show “How i met your mother” well, i’m in love with it and i watch it all the time. I came to the conclusion that if there is anything i want in this life, its a relationship like marshal and lily’s. They are each other’s best friends. Then i came to the realization that, isn’t that the point of love? To find someone to spend the rest of your life with, and be independent yet inseparable from? This man with boyish charm has entered my life…his name is a secret (for the purpose intrigue my readers :P) and he is absolutely adorable. He has cooked me dinner almost every night, hangs up my coat, plays video games with me, long boards with me, laughs at my jokes, i laugh at his, (we genuinely find each other funny) every night we have gone out, at least two  people tell us how we are wonderful people and magnificent together. I feel like around him, i am how i used to be when i was younger. That innocence i have been missing so deeply just naturally comes back around him. I don’t know what it is, but i could honestly cry out of joy that someone has FINALLY came into my life and shown me genuine care and compassion, and admiration for me as i am, and how i am striving to be. He likes my freckles, he likes my goofy impressions and nerdy quotes, he likes me without makeup, and he likes to just hang with me. Thank you, god, i needed this so bad. So so bad. All those years of guys treating me like shit, and playing games with me, and me always going back, are over, and i am a different girl because of them. I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m not saying that he is the one, or that i am in love, or anything of the sort. What i am saying is, i am damn happy, finally, and i am working towards a better future for me and i have someone just like me, to share this journey with. Everything….just makes….sense. 

- You know, I’ll never forget my old dad. When these things would happen to him… the things he’d say to me. 
- What did he say?

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